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SnakeIsland | Custom Map By Shemov 1.5

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About SnakeIsland | Custom Map By Shemov

Welcome to snake island A post-apocalyptic unique landscape over a mountainous region with many unique monuments to keep your players entertained as well as some great buildable locations right across the full stretch of the map.   The railways feature my own railway stations for you to transverse across the map.    I’ll keep the map fully updated and I hope you enjoy discovering snake Island.


  • Railways and railway stations;
  • Underground Rail tunnels;
  • A lot custom monuments and places on the map;
  • A lot custom places to build a base on map ( "X" on minimap );
  • There is bradley on hangars;
  • Custom icebergs to build a base inside them;
  • Underwater Labs;
  • Ziplines;
  • There are NPC on some locations;
  • Map size is 2500;
  • Prefabs count : ~25k.

Custom monuments:

  • Hangars;
  • Town;
  • Village;
  • Dump settlement
  • Bunker;
  • Red brick railway station;
  • White brick railway station;
  • A lots custom places to build a base.


  • Outpost;
  • Bandit camp;
  • The Dome;
  • Warehouse;
  • Large fishing village;
  • Fishing village;
  • Large barn;
  • Lighthouses;
  • Underwater labs;
  • Underground railway;
  • Harbor;
  • Quarries(HQM,Stone, Sulfur);
  • Large oilrig;
  • Oilrig.

My Discord: shemov#6310

A password is attached to the map. You can edit it.


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