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About Norddream Island

Norddream Island is a map on which many custom places to build a base are waiting for you, such as: an underwater place, a glass sphere in the snow, many places with a ready-to-use farm, floating islands, modern houses, underground places and many others. All custom places are marked on the map. There are also custom monuments here, such as: Motel, in which players can find a research paper, which can be used to buy something in the motel shop. The bradley arena is a place where 3 bradleys are located, to destroy them, the player needs several red access cards. Helicopter defense tower - here players can conveniently shoot down a helicopter. Car service - here players can find parts for the car and much more. The landscape is well suited for spawning raid bases. The external railway is connected to the metro.


    • Map size: 4500

    • Prefab count: ~56 500

    • Editing of the map is allowed, the password is in the ReadMe file

Custom monuments

    • Motel

    • Bradley Arena

    • Challenge House

    • Heli Tower

    • Mine

    • Car Service

    • Railway Station

    • Large Warehouse

    • 20 Custom Places To Build A Base

Standard monuments

    • Arctic Research Base

    • Fishing Villages

    • Harbor 1

    • Harbor 2

    • Ferry Terminal

    • Airfield

    • Giant Excavator Pit

    • Nuclear Missile Silo

    • Military Tunnel

    • Powerplant

    • Water Treatment Plant

    • Lighthouses

    • Bandit Camp

    • Outpost

    • Junkyard

    • Radtown Small

    • Military Base

    • Oilrig 1

    • Oilrig 2

    • Trainyard

    • Roadside Monuments

    • Sulfur Quarry

    • Stone Quarry

    • HQM Quarry

    • Satellite Dish

    • The Dome

    • Underwater Labs

    • Launch Site

    • Large Barn

    • Ranch

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