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About Girl Island

I want to present you an unusual map in the form of a girl. Here you will find a lot of custom places to build a base, such as: places on the water with a ready-to-use farm, a tree house, modern style houses, a glass sphere and many others. And there are also custom monuments and a challenge house, where players can find very good loot. The landscape is well suited for spawning raidable bases. And it will also be very convenient for players to build a house on the water, because there is a shallow depth near the shores. The railway is connected to the metro.


     Map size: 6000 (the land area is the same as on the map ~4500)

     Prefab count: ~40 000

     Editing of the map is allowed, the password is in the ReadMe file

Custom monuments

     Challenge House

     Heli Tower


     Car Service

     Railway Station

     Large Warehouse

     15 Custom Places To Build A Base

Standard monuments

     Arctic Research Base

     Fishing Villages

     Harbor 1

     Harbor 2

     Ferry Terminal


     Giant Excavator Pit

     Nuclear Missile Silo

     Military Tunnel


     Water Treatment Plant


     Bandit Camp



     Radtown Small

     Military Base

     Oilrig 1

     Oilrig 2


     Roadside Monuments

     Sulfur Quarry

     Stone Quarry

     HQM Quarry

     Satellite Dish

     The Dome

     Underwater Labs

     Launch Site

     Large Barn


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