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About Fortuna

Fortuna is a map where you can really have fun. it is specially designed for PVE players. the monuments on the map are all available from Codefling in the shop. You can watch the videos for the individual monuments. Go to youtube channel (Katalaner). The map is very detailed and brings some surprises. lots of puzzles and things to discover. It works with many plugins and has been tested for playability by an active community.




Custom – Arctic Race
Custom – Barracks
Custom – Beach Club
Custom – Harbor
Custom – Horserace
Custom – Nuclear Power Plant
Custom – Stockcarrace
Custom – Last Hope
Custom – Watertreatment
Custom – Rifle Club
Custom – Open Air Festival
Custom – Abandoned oil rig
Custom – Jail House
Custom – International Airport
Custom – Arctic Military Base
Custom – Pirate Ship
Custom – Car Service
Custom – The Hunter
Custom – AQA Industries
Custom – FarmerRust Monument – Bandit Town

Rust Monument – Desert Military Base
Rust Monument – Arctic Research Base
Rust Monument – The Dome
Rust Monument – Ranch
Rust Monument – Large Fishing Village
Rust Monument – Oxsum´s Gas Station
Rust Monument – Abandoned Military Base
Rust Monument – Fishing Village
Rust Monument – Giant Excavator Pit
Rust Monument – Abandoned Supermarket
Rust Monument – Lighthouse
Rust Monument – Oil rig smal
Rust Monument – Oil rig big
Rust Monument – 3x Unterwater Lab
Rust Monument – Mining Outpost
Rust Monument – Fishing Village


Bradley APC on, Airport and Barracks
Cargo Ship and NPC´s  in game

32821 Prefabs

The map requires a workcart spawner for the train.

Please note: The map was checked on the day of upload and tested for functionality. Rust releases an update every month. if your server is not kept up to date, there may be problems with the map.

Questions and suggestions:
If you have any problems you can contact me via

Katalaner  – Discord: https://discord.gg/e2vrPszZFX

Katalaner Webseite: http://katalaner.de
Rustgame Infoseite: http://webarte.de
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_5P_wAFKl5bdndkDEQDK4g
PVE Urlaub Rust Server – Discord: https://discord.gg/75u3fJwPQw



08.04 - 05.05.2022

PVE Server

Open your Rust game and press F1. In the console, enter


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