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Blue Ridge Mountain 1.1.6

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About Blue Ridge Mountain

This map has been played by many active players for a month. With great joy and enthusiasm for new monuments, it is now being offered for sale after a long period of development. The size of the map is 6000.

51 Monuments:

1.Rust Lighthouse
2.Rust Whatertreatment
3.Rust Mining Outpost
4.Custom Arctic Military Base
5.Custom Garage
6.Rust Satelite Dish
7.Rust Arctic Research Base
8.Rust Fishing Village
9.Rust Giant Excavator Pit
10.Custom International Airport & Cargo
11.Custom Restaurant
12.Rust Ranch
13.Custom Barracks
14.Rust Fishing Village
15.Rust Junkyard
16.Rust Large Bunker
17.Custom Farmer House
18.Rust Train Yard
19.Rust Sewer Branch
20.Rust - Mining Outpost
21.Custom Cargo Station
22.Custom Mountain Station
23.Rust Oxum´s Gas Station
24.Custom Jail House
25.Custom Forest of Horrors
26.Custom Beach Resort
27.Rust Power Plant
28.Custom Wood Factory
29.Rust - Mining Outpost
30.Rust Military Tunnel
31.Custom Seawater Treatment
32.Custom Pirate Ship
33.Rust Large Fishing Village
34.Rust Abandoned Military Base
35.Rust Abandoned Supermarket
36.Custom Hunters House
37.Custom Watertreatment
38.Rust Abandoned Cabins
39.Rust Outpost
40.Custom AQA Industries
41.Rust Bandit Camp
42.Rust Dome
43.Rust Abandoned Supermarket
44.Custom Trainstation
45.Custom Palm Beach Resort
46.Custom Harbor
47.Rust Airport
48.Custom City Last Hope
49.Rust Oxum´s Gas Station
50.Rust Abandoned Military Base
51.Custom Ghost Town

Bradley APC on the Ring Road, Airport and Barracks
Cargo Ship and NPC´s  in game

34417 Prefabs

The map requires a workcart spawner for the train.

Please note: The map was checked on the day of upload and tested for functionality. Rust releases an update every month. if your server is not kept up to date, there may be problems with the map.

Questions and suggestions:
If you have any problems you can contact me via

Katalaner  - Discord: https://discord.gg/e2vrPszZFX

Katalaner Webseite: http://katalaner.de
Rustgame Infoseite: http://webarte.de
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_5P_wAFKl5bdndkDEQDK4g
PVE Urlaub Rust Server - Discord: https://discord.gg/75u3fJwPQw



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