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Hey guys, first time suggestion and not sure if this makes sense...

I have little to no knowledge in coding, i can edit configs etc and thats about it. I recently looked at the plugin FirearmModifier which allows players with permissions to craft weapons that have different modifiers like extended mags etc...

I'm not sure if this is even possible but would it be possible for a plugin to modify a weapon based on its skin? or can the game itself not differentiate between them?

If it is possible and people are willing to make this, could you leave how much it would cost for me to commission this? not sure the going rate on plugins and how difficult this would end up being.

My ideal situation would have this incorporated with better loot to have guns of varying skins with different modifiers spawn in the game...

Cheers in advance!

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10 minutes ago, Bootsy said:

Hey guys, first time suggestion and not sure if this makes sense...

Hey,  I made something similar before. Would be cool if you can specify what type of modifiers you looking for.

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I think @David would have a really nice clean way to do it I have a few of their plugins!
It's worth it to me to get something that stands out and looks better as opposed to the more default ones that require more work.

This is one option, slightly complicated to be honest but does all of that.

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5 hours ago, David said:

This plugin is not working, I've been already trying to modify recoil but without success. I did ask what specific modifiers Bootsy want because I know there is not lot of them available.

It was updated 5 days ago. Not sure about recoil at all what you mean. There is a new dev maintaining the plugin actually or I wouldn't otherwise suggest it.

Firearm Modifier does what Bootsy asked for in their answers. That's all.
You do great work and I would prefer to have whatever you might make myself.

I don't use one myself at the moment but I might if you come up with something.
I just like to offer current answers if there are any too. Or free ones haha.

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1 hour ago, David said:

Nvm my bad, I was thinking we talking about this one https://umod.org/plugins/better-attachments

All good honestly based on who the previous Dev was on the one I shared I wouldn't be surprised if it had issues was abandoned or whatnot.
I figured it might even be something like that haha why I mentioned the new Dev picking it up.

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