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[Request] FacePunch's Dungeon kill plugin


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Good afternoon.

Today, I discovered that the latest event of face punch is killing sleepers, even if they are inside their base sleeping on the ground. When the event is released, 16 dungeons will be spawned approximately if the map size would be 4500. The server gets a backlash because of it as I have seen the server FPS dropping harder than the reputation of Justin Bieber when these pesky dungeons are being spawned in. Reducing it to a minimum of 0.2 instead of 1 works, as only 4 or 5 would spawn which the server loves much more and is able to keep up.

however, I would like to see a plugin on the market that removes this event completely. Presuming we will be getting the same show during Christmas, it would not surprise me if more server owners would like to disable these dungeon generations from the map as it tanks your server's fps, especially those with a low budget and a smaller server than the big players do.

And please, don't get me wrong here. I love the event myself. Grabbing candy like a madman, running around on the most flat surface possible for the best amount of candy income and then bragging about it in chat if I would win, but the events we have now with the dungeon generations, you can clearly notice that they still haven't learned from last year's problems. 

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