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About Divided

A 6,000 size map that is perfect for every server!  The map is divided up by 3 primary regions, the first region is Desolate with sand dunes and a radiated pond that the local Cobalt Sphere has been using as a run off from there cooling pipes.  Venture north where your met with cold and treacherous landscapes.  As you venture the winter island you will find your self upon a thick forest full of life and possibilities.  This map has custom buildable caves only marked with hobo barrels, and custom buildable Oreos Pit Stop's, that come with a complimentary working oil refinery and recycler.

I hope you enjoy this map, if you do and want to stay up to date with what I upload be sure to follow me, and to also leave a comment and like the map 🙂

Join my discord https://discord.gg/Y8p9pzQ and be apart of a friendly growing community 

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