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SlotMachineJP 1.0.3

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About SlotMachineJP

This plugin is for CARBON only!




It is intended to customize and enhance the behavior of slot machines in the game, primarily using the Harmony library to modify the behavior of slot machines in the game. Below is a description of the main features and functions of this mod.

This slot machine will provide great excitement to players who are tired of Rust's slot machines.
It manages slot machine states, spin counts, lottery settings, mode settings, etc. It allows for different behavior than normal slot machines.

The slot machine is hard to hit in Normal mode, but when low-quality fuel appears, the mode is upgraded to a 7-aligned mode, which has a high probability of 7s.
The administrator can set the winning probability of each in the configuration file.


Normal Mode - This is the regular mode. When three 7s align, it transitions to AT Mode. (Default probability of aligning three 7s is 1/8192.)
AT Preparation Mode - This mode can be triggered when low-quality fuel aligns, and a draw determines if the mode activates. Sound effects might play, and it might transition to AT Mode.
Fake AT Preparation Mode - This mode can also be triggered when low-quality fuel aligns. Sound effects will play, but it will not transition to AT Mode.
AT Mode - This mode continues with a high probability of aligning three 7s. When the number of spins reaches MaxSpinsInATMode, a mode down draw is performed with the probability of ATExitProbability. When the mode ends, it transitions to one of Normal, AT Preparation, or AT Mode.


  • Load and Save Configuration

Loads slot machine settings from a configuration file and saves them as needed. These settings are saved in JSON format and include the maximum number of spins, lottery odds, mode probabilities, etc.

Three settings exist, each of which can be used to create a slot machine with a different configuration.


  • Custom Slot Machine Spin Result Calculator

It generates different spin results and special effects depending on the state of the slot machine.

Customizing Payout Checks

Customize slot machine payouts. Perform special payouts under certain conditions and send notifications to players.


  • Slot Machine State Management

Slot machine has four states: Normal, AT Preparation, Fake AT Preparation, and AT, and manages behavior according to each state: ATState, ATPreparationState, FakeATPreparationState, and NormalState state transitions.


  • Hit Check

Using Hammer, it is possible to check the settings set for a slot machine by hitting the slot machine.


  • Implement the /giveslot cahtcommand

Implement the /giveslot chatcommand to allow players to retrieve slot machine items. Only players with the appropriate permissions can use this command.

By specifying the numbers 1-3 as arguments, a slot machine can be created for each setting.


/giveslot 1


If you want to delete a slot, use the

ent kill


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