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25 Raidable Bases Pack Christmas Edition Different Designs From Easy To Nightmare Difficulty 1.0.1

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About 25 Raidable Bases Pack Christmas Edition Different Designs From Easy To Nightmare Difficulty

If you don't have time to build your own Raidable Bases you can use those bases to add on your server for everyone to feel some christmas spirit! 🎄❄️


This pack has 5 bases of each difficulty, ready to be added onto the server and used with "Raidable Bases" plugin.
All have cupboards, chests, furnaces for loot to be distributed into and all kinds of traps to not make it too easy for players 
There's no loot in the walls! They are bases that could be used by players and all loot is accessible, some are just hidden behind other items like Grills/Windows/Workbenches or Fireplaces 
Some of the bases are build in Fortify but theres no double walls/floors!


Each difficulty requires different amount of sulfur/explosives to get all the boxes - that can be changed by adding/removing doors you can make changes as your heart desires.
Easy - 16-22 satchels
Medium - 65-71 satchels
Hard - 55-65k sulfur
Expert - 80-90k sulfur
Nightmare - 105-115k sulfur

To remove turret limitation you need to add this command to your server config: sentry.maxinterference 999

Your free to use any loottables with those bases, all boxes/furnaces and cupboards are empty.
For the turrets, they need to be set to Requires Power Source (false) in the plugin config since they are not connected to a powersource.
Unzip the "JsonChristmas" file (copy the files, not the whole folder) and place them in your oxide/data/copypaste directory.
Suggested keeping the stability setting for Raidable Bases to False.

I wanted to create a feeling those bases were used by players so they are decorated - some more than others 💙


If you have any questions discord: Bocia#9711


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