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Advanced PlayerCounter 1.1

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About Advanced PlayerCounter

Advanced PlayerCounter


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  • Multi server support.
  • Advanced Configuration.
  • Server join links.
  • Multi embed support.
  • Clean server status display embeds.
  • Display player names.
  • Dynamic multi server bot statuses.
  • Much more to come!


    "BotToken": "", // Put your bot token here.
    "guildId": "488177151946915841", // Put your discord server id here.
    "bot": {
        "dynamicStatus": true, // When set to true the bot's status will update depending on the server status.
        "displayServer": "", // This setting is optional if you only wanna display info about one server.
        "status: (online, idle, offline, dnd)": "dnd", // If "dynamicStatus" is set to false it will use this setting.
        "offlineMsg": "Server is offline!", // Set the offline status when the server is offline.
        "statuses": [
                "text": "({online}/{total}) ← ({joining} Joining) ← ({queued} Queued)", // Set the status message. (if you did not set "displayServer" it will show a total value of all servers combined.) 
                "type": "PLAYING" // Set the status type. (options: "PLAYING", "WATCHING", "STREAMING", "COMPETING")
                "text": "Memory ({memory}) Frames ({fps}) ",
                "type": "WATCHING"
                "text": "Entities: {entities}",
                "type": "WATCHING"
                "text": "Last Wipe: {wipe}",
                "type": "WATCHING"
    "servers": [ // Below are all servers displayed to get the data from.
            "Name": "10x Server", // Server name.
            "IP": "", // Server ip.
            "RconPort": 12345, // Server rcon port.
            "Password": "rconpass", // Server rcon password.
            "JoinLink": "https://rust-servers.net/" // Join link that can be displayed on the server list embed. (sadly cant use steam direct connect links)
            "Name": "1000x Server",
            "IP": "",
            "RconPort": 12345,
            "Password": "rconpass",
            "JoinLink": "https://rust-servers.net/"
    "playerLists": [
            "unikeId": "testing", // This is just an identifier that the bot uses. make sure you dont have a duplicate ID.
            "channelId": "911614084137488414", // This is the channel id where you want your embed to be sent into.
            "listPlayers": true, // If set true it will list all player names below the server name.
            "listTotal": true, // If set true it will display a total player population.
            "listJoinLinks": true, // If set true it will display a link under the server name.
            "displayInline": true, // If set true it will display all fields beside eachother.
            "servers": [ // List the server "Name"s that you want to be displayed on the embed.
                "1000x Server",
                "10x Server"
            "emojis": { // Status emojis for the server statuses.
                "online": "",
                "offline": "",
                "total": ""
            "embed": {
                "title": "Embed Title", // Embed title.
                "description": [ // Embed description, Each line is a new line on the embed.
                    "this is a dummy text", // Line 1
                    "every line is a new text line, but you can still use \n for a new line." // Line 2
                "footer": "", // Embed footer text.
                "color": "BLUE", // Embed color.
                "image": "", // Embed image.
                "thumbnail": "" // embed thumbnail.

To get the best support and access to beta versions of the bot make sure to join my discord.



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