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Sky Islands Bundle 1.0.5

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About Sky Islands Bundle

3 different sky islands made for each biome - easy to enter the skybase since there's a rope hanging from the island so no helicopters needed. 


Sky Islands Bundle: Elevated Refuge


In the harsh world of Rust, where survival hangs by a thread, the Sky Islands offer a unique haven. Suspended high above the chaos, these three distinct realms beckon adventurers with promises of safety, wonder, and breathtaking views.

Ice Island

Prefabs: 127

Biome: Arctic

Forest Island

Prefabs: 146

Biome: Temperate

Desert Island

Prefabs: 125

Biome: Arid



Floating Island




Choose your island, ascend the ropes, and let the winds carry you to new heights. The Sky Islands await!


Most info in the video.. If you have any problems feel free to add me on discord - vapsen

island layouts are the same but with different decorations.. By the layout i mean the ground you stay on and the fence.

No layers included

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