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Heli Tower With Glass 4.0.9

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About Heli Tower With Glass

A fully custom heli tower  with glass shooting floors built in lighting and functional zipline launch points on top.  This is a standalone prefab to be placed onto any map via the map editor.

A fully custom heli tower.

Two versions included:
- Full Heli Tower with all decor and electronics (great for PVE)
- Empty Heli Tower stripped of all electronics and decor (more suitable for PVP or servers/maps with lower entity needs)

This heli tower is, of course, invincible. It is a great way to provide your players with a heli tower thus discouraging them from building their own (which can save thousands of entities from having player-built heli towers all over the map)

Notable features (full tower - 1,288 entities):
- Small flat footprint for easy placement on any map
- Tower base extends into the terrain to provide easy placement opportunities even if the terrain is not flat
- Cube prefabs utilized in the majority of construction to keep server and client performance smooth
- Electronic front door
- CCTV Camera (HELI1)
- Zipline mount points on two sides of the top
- Full lighting system activated by a switch on the base level control panel
- 9 story elevator to take you to the shooting floors
- Automated delayed elevator shaft lights (incrementally turn on as the user rides the elevator up
- Emergency ladder shaft to go up or down from the shooting floors instead of using the elevator (also great if there is an issue with the RustEdit.dll and your electronics stop working, can still use the ladder
- 3x huge shooting floors with cover to hide behind
- All shooting floors are walled in glass with open slights similar to an embrasure
- Day/Night automated external lights (two lights showing the front door, and an antenna topping pair of siren lights to show the tower to players from a distance or flying by to avoid collision

Empty version (861 entities):
- The second version is stripped down of all electronics and decor.
- Elevator shaft walled off and cleared out

I will keep these prefabs up to date as more ideas come in or any bugs are found.

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