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About Polls






Polls is a plugin that allows you to receive feedback from your players via a GUI. When a player joins your server, if a poll is active, they will be presented by a GUI with the poll questions you set in the config. Alternatively, if they don't want to participate in the poll, they can close out of the GUI.



  • Run polls for a specified amount of time.
  • Store poll results in a file.
  • Send poll results to Discord via a webhook.



  • /startpoll <duration> - Start a poll using the settings in the config file.
  • /stoppoll - Stop the active poll and store the results.



  • polls.start - Allows the player to start and stop polls



Below is a config for Polls that was used on my own server.

  "Chat Options": {
    "ChatColor": "#3aaa45",
    "ChatPrefix": "Polls: "
  "Discord Options": {
    "Send embed to Discord when the poll ends": true,
    "Webhook URL": "REDACTED"
  "Questions": [
      "Answers (MAX 7)": [
        "Custom PVP Map"
      "Question": "What map should be used for Central?"
      "Answers (MAX 7)": [
      "Question": "Should we add more kits?"
      "Answers (MAX 7)": [
        "Yes, but only within marked grids"
      "Question": "Should you be allowed to build over water again?"
  "Debug": false



If you need support, want to find all of my other plugins, or just talk, feel free to join my Discord @ https://discord.gg/4ahpdSBThj

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