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Invisibility Cloak 1.2.56

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About Invisibility Cloak

Invisibility Cloak is a RUST plugin that provides time-limited, physical invisibility cloaks with multiple levels, skins and configurable restrictions.

This plugin provides physical, worn Invisibility Cloaks (IC's) to players for them to be able to use in order to return to their dropped kits, or to enter some of the more challenging POI's without being detected by turrets or NPC's. It's highly configurable and designed for server operators who wish to provide unique items for their players through vending machines, /kits or other plugins / NPC vendors. Originally designed to provide to players who lost their kits or equipment in some of the more challenging or custom POI areas a way to retrieve their lost gear without needing an admin or other players to assist, the Invisibility Cloaks have found a niche on modded servers looking to provide players with additional capabilities.

IC's do not provide unlimited invisibility!

The design incorporates limited battery life (depending on cloak level) and due to the sensitive electronics used to create the invisibility field, shooting weapons or throwing explosives will cause the cloak to malfunction and de-cloak the player. (All these settings are configurable.)

Works with:

Item Perks plugin - Item Perks and Invisibility Cloaks now work together. (As of version 1.0.48)

Raidable Bases plugin - can be configured to shut down when entering or staying within the Raidable Base bubble or protection zone.

ItemOwnership - plugin designed to prevent specially crafted items from being passed on from high level players to lower level (funelling.)

ImageLibrary - InvisibilityCloak's distinctive icon can be cached locally (saves on network traffic.)

Numerous chat commands for both players and game admins.

Summary of Features:

* Comes pre-configured with 6 levels of Invisibility Cloaks:

  • Beggar Cloak
  • Peasant Cloak
  • Apprentice Cloak
  • Bard Cloak
  • Thief Cloak
  • Cutthroat Cloak

Ability for admins to reset, change parameters, extend, and remove cloaks while in game chat or on the console.

In addition to the cloak icon appearing, players given the invisibilitycloak.seebattery permission will see the remaining battery percent charge displayed.

Each cloak is completely configurable, from the name of the cloak to the skin, available seconds of invisibility (before recharging) and more.

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