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Bomb Drone 1.0.1

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About Bomb Drone

A new item that has an inbuilt explosive charge into it which players can detonate using a computer station



/bd give everyone - Gives everyone a bomb drone item

/bd give {player name} - Gives a player a bomb drone



bombdrone.use - Allows the player to detonate the drone

bombdrone.admin - Allows the player to use the /bd give command



  "General Settings": {
    "Main command": "bd",
    "Use permission": "bombdrone.use",
    "Admin permission": "bombdrone.admin"
  "Chat Settings": {
    "Chat icon (Steam 64 ID)": 0,
    "Chat prefix": "BOMB DRONE: ",
    "Chat prefix colour": "#fcc253",
    "Send a message when a player spawns a bomb drone": true
  "Drone Settings": {
    "Play a repeated sound on drone spawn": false,
    "Sound to play": "",
    "Sound repeat timer": 1
  "Spawn Settings": {
    "Spawn bomb drone in containers": false,
    "Containers": {
      "crate_normal": {
        "Probability to spawn": 50,
        "Min amount": 1,
        "Max amount": 2
      "crate_normal_2": {
        "Probability to spawn": 20,
        "Min amount": 1,
        "Max amount": 1



  "Info.GaveBombDrone": "You have given a bomb drone to yourself!",
  "Info.PlaceBombDrone": "You have placed a bomb drone! Use a computer station to detonate the bomb by clicking <color=#fcc253>right mouse button</color>.",
  "Error.NoCommand": "This command cannot be found...",
  "Error.NoPermission": "You have no permission to execute this command.",
  "Error.NoPermissionToDetonate": "You are not allowed to detonate the bomb drone."

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