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Auto Deposit 1.0.1

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About Auto Deposit

Auto Deposit is a very simple plugin, When the command is active it will do a simple compare between two containers if the target container is allowed in the config that is. 
Once it finds a match between two items if the item isn't blacklisted in the config it will simply move the item to the target container. Simply use /depo to activate, You can also change the command name in the config file!


autodeposit.use - Simply used to grant users access to the command.

The Config

  • AllowedContainers is a list of all container names a player can use autodeposit with.
  • DisallowedItemNames is a list of all short item names that can't be auto deposited.
  • UseTimer is used if you with the player to not have to reenter the command to disable.
  • AuytoDisableTime is how many seconds it takes to disable auto depositing.
  • DepositCommand is the command players will enter to activate auto deposit.

Brief demo of early concept will update with a new video when I can

Please leave any comments of features you may want


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