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Terragroup Lab 1.0.1

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About Terragroup Lab

Terragroup Lab

In the expansive world of Rust, players encounter a captivating custom monument known as the Terragroup Lab, a submerged facility nestled beneath the waves. This unique underwater structure presents adventurers with an intriguing blend of exploration and danger, as they navigate its labyrinthine corridors and chambers. Within its watery depths, players uncover remnants of Terragroup's enigmatic experiments, encountering both technological wonders and the eerie remnants of past scientific endeavors. The Terragroup Lab serves as a thrilling addition to Rust's diverse landscape, offering players a compelling challenge and a chance to delve into the mysteries lurking beneath the sea's surface.

Prefabs: 3118

It is recommended to remove Offshore and Ocean Topology in order to deavtivate the sunken ship spawns in that area. 

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