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About Mini-Airfield

Mini-Airfield is a reconstruction of the Facepunch procedural broken Airfield from @kilgoar but 50% smaller , keeping the original puzzle and deleting extra assets that took space and re-arranging the layout abit.

This is part of a mini-monument series i started and they are perfect for small maps if you want to keep the same procedural monuments but smaller with a twist and extra decor.

Just like normal Airfield this has a Green and Blue keycard puzzle with all the normal loot from Airfield present.

No underground entrance present so you'd have to place your own outside or if you wish it inside just message me and i can make it happen.

If you use plugins for events that use Airfield this might not work and you'd have to use 3rd party plugins like Monument Finder.

Entity count : 1440

Size 1 Grid and a half , normal Airfield is 3 grids +/-.

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