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737 Hijacked [HDRP] HD0622


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About 737 Hijacked [HDRP]

The 737 is an addition to the Airfield. Surrounded by SWAT Police (Peacekeepers) inside you will find the Terrorists (Junkpile Scientists), 
There is a cargo hold, cabin, hidden timed crate and a few card / fuse puzzles.

You will find 3 versions, One with the Airfield so you know how its placed, this can be used as is but once broken remember to check and repair the Alpha if needed.
The second version is the plane with SWAT around it. Check the one with the Airfield so you know where accurate placement is, aligned with the searchlights. This will be
the main one used if you don't want to mess with Airfield placement and tunnel alignment. Finally version 3 is the plane on its own with no NPC Spawners. Useful for
roleplay if you want two teams being Hijackers and SWAT.

I would now also like to extend my thanks and appreciation to ILUS1IV who before HDRP did a version on the 737, with his permission I have taken his original concept
and remade it keeping some of his internals intact. You can find him here https://discord.gg/5sNyufS3ar

Thank you for downloading this Rust Custom Map (Approx. 5.5K Prefabs) Please read the ReadMe file


If you have any problems you can contact me via Discord https://discord.gg/r84Cg84



Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use.



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