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If you need help or have questions regarding the map don't hesitate to contact me here or via my personal discord : 


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About W4ater 4.4K

W4Ter 4.4K  is a rust custom map with all facepunch monuments featured in unique locations for players to build and enjoy the beauties of a well made rust map terrain
Map is free to use but not so share or claim as its own. 
Map has been made by Shiro & Blunt.
Password comes with the map inside the "Read me" file.
~Facepunch Monuments :
- Launch Site
- Excavator
- Military Tunnels
- Airfield
- Power Plant
- Water Treatment Plant
- Junkyard
- Sewerbranch
- Sphere Tank
- Satellite Dish
- Arctic Research Base
- Bandit Town
- Outpost
- Couple Caves & Ice Lakes & Swamps 
- Roadside monuments including Gas Stations - Supermarkets - Mining Outposts
- Fishing Villages
- Lighthouses
- Water Wells & Quarries
- Stables 
- Several underwater Labs

~ Entity Count : 9029
~ Map Size : 4400
Password Comes with the map.

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