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About Romania 4K Custom Map

Romania 4K is a custom map shaped after the country of Romania , terrain and mountains are made to be a replica of the country's landscape.
The famous Carpathian Mountains and Transfagarasan road , various lakes , rivers and many other terrain wonders are to be found on this map.
Terrain's been worked to be at advantage for both PVP and PVE players.
The big Carpathian Mountains feature a massive tunnel going thru the mountain from one side to the other.
**Railways will be added at a later date to the map on a different version like Bermuda's , map will have 2 versions to download with and without railways**

~Procedural Monuments :
- Launch Site
- Excavator
- Military Tunnels
- Airfield
- Power Plant
- Water Treatment Plant
- Trainyard
- Sewerbranch
- Harbor
- Junkyard
- Sphere Tank
- Satellite Dish 
- Desert Military Base
- Roadside monuments including  Supermarkets - Mining Outposts
- Stables
- Nuclear Silo
- Arctic Military Base
- Ferry Terminal
- Large and Small Oil Rigs

~ Custom Monuments & Prefabs:
- Bandit Swamps
- Custom Lighthouses
- Public Heli Tower
- Weather Station Outpost
- Abandoned Shelter
- Abandoned Aquarium
- Abandoned City
- Custom Fishing Villages

~ Entity Count : 47657
~ Map Size : 4000

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