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Small custom map - HDRP - Underwater Lab - Custom Monuments - Train stations 1.0.2


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About Small custom map - HDRP - Underwater Lab - Custom Monuments - Train stations

Small map, specialy designed for action packed servers.
HDRP, Train stations, Underwater Lab, Oil Rigs, Custom monuments


- All the terrain is manually done
- Cliffs are manually placed & painted
- Lots of nice places to build & PVP
- Custom monuments
- Total Prefab count: 3217
- ...

Custom Monuments:

- Chemical Facility
Blue Puzzle - imgur.com/a/YcHCoxA
Small fuse puzzle - imgur.com/a/s1ohzWY
Train station

- Abandoned Camp (Tents)
No puzzles, tier 0 monument, has recycler.

- Forester's Village (Custom safe zone)
Outpost vending machines, bandit camp fortune wheel, airwolf (NPC to buy helicopters), marketplace (to buy stuff with the drone), recycler, Barbeque - Workbench - Research - Repair Bench in the cabins

- Pharmacy
Green keycard spawn, no puzzles, has recycler and some loot that can be seen in the pictures.

Vanilla Monuments:

- Satelite Dish - Added a train station

- Dome - Added a train station

- Mining Outpost - Added a train station

- Gas station -  Added a train station

- 2 Lighthouses

Required Dependencies:
Oxide - umod.org/games/rust
RustEdit extension - github.com/k1lly0u/Oxide.Ext.RustEdit


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