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About Silo Island

A small map centered around the newest monument, the missile silo. This map features an extended fishing village with all the amenities of both outpost and bandit camp. All the terrain on this map has been hand-made for the best experience. This map is also perfect for those who have potato PCs because of its high-fps design. The map features a full progression system, from greencard to redcard, allowing t1-t3 progression throughout the wipe without mods.

"good things come in small packages"



  • Missile Silo
  • Military Base
  • Fishing Villages
  • Lighthouse
  • Mining Outpost
  • Small Harbor
  • Supermarket
  • Sewer Branch
  • Both Oilrigs
  • Underwater Labs


Map Size: 1500

Editable: Yes

Beautiful: Yes

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