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PineLand 02

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About PineLand

Experience Winter Magic in Rust with Our Unique Holiday Map: Vanilla Monuments, Holiday Areas and Exciting Sledding and Snowmobiling!

Dive into the festive spirit of Rust with our meticulously crafted map that seamlessly integrates classic vanilla monuments and a winter wonderland perfect for the Christmas season. This unique map has been expertly designed from scratch using World Creator, ensuring a captivating and immersive gaming experience for you and your players.

Key Features:

Vanilla Monuments: Immerse yourself in the familiar landmarks of Rust, strategically placed throughout the map to provide a balanced and challenging gameplay experience. From mining outposts to military tunnels, every monument is seamlessly integrated into the winter-themed landscape

Christmas Wonderland: Get ready for a joyful and snowy adventure as you explore the enchanting Christmas-themed areas scattered across the map. From festive decorations to snowy landscapes, this map transforms Rust into a winter paradise, offering a refreshing and immersive holiday experience.

Sled and Snowmobile Tracks: Experience the thrill of the winter season with two tracks designed specifically for sled and snowmobile racing. Challenge your friends and players on these exciting trails that add a unique and fun touch to your Rust experience.

World Creator Magic: Crafted from the ground up using World Creator, this map is a testament to creativity and attention to detail. Expect a visually stunning and harmonious terrain that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your Rust server.

Why Choose Our Christmas Map:

Unique Design: Unlike pre-existing maps, ours is an exclusive creation designed specifically for a memorable Christmas gaming experience.

Immersive Atmosphere: The integration of winter elements and Christmas-themed areas adds a layer of immersion, making your Rust gameplay during the holidays truly special.

Optimized Gameplay: The strategic placement of vanilla monuments ensures a balanced and challenging environment for players of all levels.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your Rust server this holiday season! Embrace the festivities and bring a touch of magic to your gameplay with our custom-designed Christmas map. Upgrade your server now for an unforgettable winter adventure!

Size: 3000


Monuments                                  Custom 


Nuclear Missile Silo                                  Sled and Snowmobile Tracks


Sewer Branch

Fishing Village x3

Gas Station 

Launch Site




Oil Rig Large

Oil Rig Small

Sphere Tank




Underwater Labs 

Arctic Research base


Bandit Town

Military Tunnels



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