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Mountain valley 2500 v2

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About Mountain valley 2500

The Rust map, set at 2500 size in its vanilla state, provides players with an intense and challenging experience, with the particularity that most of its landscapes are covered by a white blanket of snow. From lush forests to arid deserts and rugged coastlines, the diverse topography of this environment is accentuated by the presence of extensive snowy areas.

Explorers of this expansive 2500 map will find a diverse topography, with rolling hills, deep valleys and high plateaus. These geographical elements present strategic opportunities and tactical challenges for players. Key landmarks, such as the Airport, excavator and Launch,, are carefully laid out and offer coveted locations for looting, trading and engaging with other players. In addition, the map features a rail network that adds dynamism to the environment.

Natural resources, such as trees, rocks and wildlife, are evenly distributed, encouraging exploration and competition for survival essentials. Amidst this demanding terrain, players are tasked with adapting to an ever-changing environment while strategizing to ensure their survival.

A notable feature is the Rail Ring on the surface of the map connected to underground tunnels.

It's worth mentioning that Bandit is absent; the heli vendor and vending can be found in Outpost.

Notably, this map includes exclusively vanilla monuments, with no custom add-ons.

General Information:

Map size: 2.5K
Approximate prefab count:  1758



Arctic Research Base

Missile Silo

Water Tractament

Desert Military Base

Launch Site

Train Yard

Giant Excavator

Ferry Terminal

Harbor 1

Harbor 2


Large and Small Oil Rig


If you need to contact me send me a private message or write me on Discord.   j4v1rust

Gas Station 





Ice Lake 

Underwater Labs


Fishing Village 

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