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Isla Nublar (Jurassic Park) 1.3.0

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About Isla Nublar (Jurassic Park)

You can't buy this map on this website anymore.

I changed it because I don't want to participate anymore to the enrichment of some people here with my stuff, but not wanting to delete my page so that my customers can continue to download the updates, so the only solution was to disable the possibility to buy it here.
But as the master say this thing is "subjest to change".

If you want to buy this map, just do a simple search on google with "rust isla nublar map", you will find the second site where I sell my stuff.

You can also join my discord and send me a private message to have more info : https://discord.gg/kcUm5SX


Before the earth's apocalypse, dinosaurs had already disappeared once, then they were recreated on an island: Isla Nublar.
But then, the madness of men brought the earth to an apocalypse, and the dinosaurs disappeared again...
The Cobalt company started to rebuild a new society, and so they requisitioned this mysterious island, built new structures and kept some already existing, in order to test the remains of the dinosaurs (hoping to improve the human DNA to create a species of super-powerful human-soldier).

Come and discover or rediscover these monuments and this mythical island.


● Visitor Centre
- Scarecrew
- Jump puzzle
- Green, blue and red puzzle with 2 fuses

● Park Office
- Green and blue puzzle with 1 fuse

● Raptor Pen
- Scientists
- Scarecrew
- Green and blue puzzle with 1 fuse

● Nublar Genetics
- Scientists
- Green and blue cards with 1 fuse

● Guards Residential
- Scientists
- Blue card

● Pterodome
- Jump puzzle
- Green and red card with 1 fuse

● Underwater Observatory
- Train track
- Green, Blue, red cards with 2 fuses

● Volcano
- Green card

● Stations
- Train track

● Bridges
- Scientists

● Wooden Outpost
- Custom Outpost



- Train above ground
- Large fence (you can climb it)
- Dinosaurs skulls
- Falls
- Launch Site
- Power Plant
- The Dome
- Oil Rigs
- Airfield
- Sewer Branch
- Satellite Dish
- Bandit Camp
- Harbors
- 3 Boats Shop Monuments
- Underwater Labs
- Train tunnels
- Abandonned Military Camp

Train tracks:

Map size : 4096
Entities : 41k

If you have any question you can contact me as follows

walkthrough vids :

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