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The best Airplane Event - Pay Plugin


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Good, I bring you an idea for a paid event.
There is a similar one, but this one for me is much better.

The event begins with the Airplane entering the airspace, it circles the map a few times, as if warning that it will soon land in the Airfield.


When it lands, heavy scientists go down to guard the rear entrance of the plane.


5 minutes pass and the plane goes up to the heavy and leaves. Unless you kill them and get on the plane. Where will you find the Loot.


When activating the Hack Crate, some Heavys come out from inside to defend the loot.


The plane continues to circle the map for 15 min. Which gives time for the box to unlock.

The good thing is that they can be countered by entering the plane from the back from a minicopter. And the good thing is that there is a Heli to escape flying.


Then it goes to the sea until it begins to give radiation like the Cargo Ship. The good thing is that if your minicopter is stolen you can jump into the water from the plane before the radiation affects you.

And there it is!, the best event ever thought. LOL
If they do, I pay for it.

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6 hours ago, Flammable said:

+1, I would like to see this plugin too but the only problem I am aware of is that inside the plane is transparent texture and you can't walk inside and instead will go through it.

Yes, I know that model is going to be a problem, not only with the texture but also with the colliders.
Perhaps it would be better to create a similar plane that fulfills what we need, with the prefabs, just as they have done in other events.

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20 hours ago, Death said:

I came for the photoshop and I wasn't disappointed

Hahahahahah Yes, sorry.... it didn't take me too long to get it right.
It was more than anything to show how I imagined it.

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