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Plugin request for scrap exchange


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Not sure if its even possible or if there is a plugin out there, but is there away to stop the cool down at bandit camp when your exchanging items for scrap at the bandit camp scrap exchange?

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No I'm asking is there a plugin or can a plugin be made to turn off the cool-down time when you exchange  items for scrap at bandit camp!

if you go say with 8k of fertilizer and you want to exchange all the fertilizer for scrap at bandit camp, I'm asking for a way to remove the cool-down for the bandit running out of scrap stock and having to wait an hour or so before exchanging more!

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uMod had plugin for this if not mistaken... but not exsctly sure... If remember InstantBuy removes the Cooldown when you sell something ex. Fert so you can click spam the buttton without waiting for the the arrow animation and do sales faster than vanilla. Only problem is that input is still limited to 33 (if not wrong - this was in my server) so you can't type 8888 or 340 or 3886, etc and sell all at once and have to spam click Buy.

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