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  1. Oh ok thanks very much. Yes
  2. Hello, permission granted to vip group: log rustrewards: where i'm wrong please? Thanks edit: ok found the bug, he don't accept a float number like x.5... with 2.0 it work fine thanks
  3. request is solved. have a good day
  4. Hello, possible to add a priority support for each group? eg: backpack.use.5 for default player backpack.use.10 for default regular backpack.use.20 for default elite backpack.use.30 for default legend backpack.use.42 for default vip if the player is in the elite group when he is already in the default group, it will be necessary to take into account the size of the elite group and not the default (a priority system ...) The plugin on umod doesn't support this feature, it would be nice for a lot of people I think. Thanks very muchif the player is in the eli
  5. Tanki


    anyone to make this or fix the original plugin please? if necessary, i can paid Thanks very much
  6. Hello, i don't use noraid plugin maybe share your config for helping you?
  7. Im using SimpleLoot plugin.... so i can't... but thanks very much
  8. Hello, possible to add a custom loot table? Thanks
  9. Tanki


    Hello, description: I would like to limit raids on my server. I know there is a plugin on umod but the author is not too active to fix some bugs Functionality: - block all types of damage (must be compatible with TruePVE for the Schedule part) - When Schedule is activated, raid is authorized by limiting the number to 1 raid / day only purchasable with RP points * * this requires a command => / raidlimit add <steamid64> <value> (requires compatibility with the serverrewards and timedexecuted plugin) - Data reset every day - A gui indicat
  10. tested No Deployable Penalty and work for me
  11. gcraft vip 1.5: File was updated correctly: { "CraftingSpeed": { "default": 1.0, "authenticated": 1.0, "regular": 1.0, "elite": 1.0, "legend": 1.0, "vip": 1.5, "donator": 1.0, "serverarmour.hardware.ownsbloody": 1.0 } }
  12. Some member use this plugin with bug and only you have nothing? it's crazy ^^

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