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  1. zulg


    you have to sit on the horse and have a friend put the code in, Thats the only way i can get it to work!
  2. zulg

    Never have to eat or drink

    is there a setting I could change, because after buying the upgrades I never need food or water, i would like to lower that as its set too high, thanks
  3. zulg


    he released an update my seems to work now
  4. zulg


    not sure what that means, but is it possible to pay with scrap instead of rustrewards RP points?
  5. zulg


    getting this message after rust update, was working 15:18:20) | Error while compiling: Skills.cs(2029,16): error CS1061: Type `BasePlayer' does not contain a definition for `secondsSinceWoundedStarted' and no extension method `secondsSinceWoundedStarted' of type `BasePlayer' could be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?
  6. zulg


    not understanding how to make money for this, I have it set on Serverrewards, but balance is 0!
  7. zulg

    Bases spawing in water

    ok thanks for the reply, Ill deal with it, was making sure it wasn't just my settings or the way I have the Json configured! Thanks!
  8. zulg

    Bases spawing in water

    Almost all my bases seem to spawn in the water even when there is flat land right beside it, its almost like their being told to spawn in the water, any fix for this?
  9. zulg

    Players shooting each other

    if your saying go to Oxide-Data-NextgenPve folder, and in that folder is a file called nextgenpve.db and it's not a Json file either. the plugin seems to be working right, except for the shooting of each other, what else could i check to see why this is happening?
  10. zulg

    Players shooting each other

    Anyone else have any ideas of what i could check as to why my players are able to shoot each other?
  11. zulg


    oH i want that! Very nice!
  12. zulg


    Do I need to remove my old config file or the whole plugin before using this new update?
  13. zulg

    Players shooting each other

    After i installed the new update now players are shooting each other, cant figure out why, help please!
  14. zulg

    Removal tool!

    OMG thank you for thinking of putting that in there i thought it was going to be ruined , they always try to find away to exploit something, if it will give them an advantage, i hate that soo much!
  15. zulg

    Removal tool!

    I also noticed this line in the config: "Blacklisted Commands": [], Could i use that to stop them from typing /remove and using the removal tool?

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