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  1. zulg

    Removal tool!

    OMG thank you for thinking of putting that in there i thought it was going to be ruined , they always try to find away to exploit something, if it will give them an advantage, i hate that soo much!
  2. zulg

    Removal tool!

    I also noticed this line in the config: "Blacklisted Commands": [], Could i use that to stop them from typing /remove and using the removal tool?
  3. zulg

    Oreos Detached

    LOL I'm blind sorry and thanks I see them all now!
  4. zulg

    Oreos Detached

    are there any rust monuments on this map?
  5. Anyone having a single doubt about this Package, rest assure everything is done for you, Nothing has to be touched, it will load and work exactly like it should!
  6. zulg


    I set "Player Default Settings": "" and reloaded the plugin but nothing changed for anyone! Do I also have to go into data and remove all the hkopa from each player?
  7. zulg

    Horse plugin

    Ok i did this and also installed the update and players can still just get right on a horse and ride it away, if a player gets on a horse it says you have claimed this horse, then if a different player gets on the same horse it tells them they have claimed the horse, not sure whats wrong here!
    Just like the plugin it self, this is worth every penny and all the configuration is completely done for you! I simply followed the easy instruction and it worked perfect the first time, Amazing Bases! Some of the expert and Nightmare bases are........LOL well you'll see soon enough! Thanks nivex for all the work in this and the plugin! Excellent!
  8. zulg

    Removal tool!

    I just caught players going into raidable bases and using the removal tool to remove walls and everything else to get to the loot, even the traps, anyway around this?
  9. I just bought this package Nivex will i also be able to get the new update!
  10. zulg

    Horse plugin

    Thank you for the help and Update, Excellent Developer you are!
  11. So I just bought the plugin a few days ago, This is an add-on with preinstalled bases? and will it change any of my already made setting in config?
  12. zulg


    Just like everyone else is saying in their reviews, This plugin is amazing! Brings so much more to a server, every single player that joins loves it! Must have plugin for any Mod server!
  13. zulg


    This plugin is getting better every time I set it, nice work! I have simple question that kinda got skipped in the video,In the config file under "Maintained Events, manual events, and Scheduled Events has these "Convert PVE To PVP": false, "Convert PVP To PVE": true Is this saying that if i set pve to pvp true, that players can hurt each other in the raid zone only? and if I set pvp to pve then players cant hurt each other in the raid zone?Thanks
  14. zulg


    ok, thanks alot i will do this!

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