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PVP Protection plugin needed


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The Start Protection plugin at UMod is unmaintained.

So, it would be great if anyone would make an even better plugin of that kind.

A plugin that gives players a timer in which they can't be hurt by anyone, maybe not hurt anybody else too. Would be best that way.

Also interesting would be if the server owner could set times when that protection is on and where not.

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A plugin that keeps track of the time e.g. shows how long you are still protected.

When the protected player is attacked. If the attacker receives a message that the player is protected.

Cannot be attacked by helicopter and animals.

The base should be protected as long as the player.

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Well. I am only looking for a pvp protection plugin. I don't care if there would be an option to protect the player's base too but I wouldn't need that.

Guess a good addition would be that the one who is protected can't hurt any other players.

Also, it would be nice if there were different time options:

1. a countdown from the beginning of wipe (as it already is in start protection plugin)

2. an option to give all players on the server a protection within a certain daytime

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