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  1. Does this work with minicopters, horses and cars which spawn regularly on the map or only if the player spawned these things?
  2. Happened again. Set raid time is from 6pm to 10pm. This message came at 11pm.
  3. It seems the plugin thinks that at 00:00 raids will be allowed. It's 00:00 now and I got the message "Raid finished for today" though it wasn't raid time before.
  4. I get a message that raids are authorized in 2 hours. It came shortly after 22:00 where my daily raid time ended. So, this message shouldnt appear cause raid times on every day is from 18:00 to 22:00.
  5. Can you add options to change the location of the UI that marks a raiding time? I would like to move it somewhere else on the display.
  6. Also, any chance to delete the "SERVER >> Raid Controller:" part of the chat messages? I would really like to shorten the message and only have the important information for the players left but I cannot change or delete that first part in the lang file cause it's just not there.
  7. Can you add options to change the location of the UI that marks a raiding time? I would like to move it somewhere else on the display. Btw.: Why is there no support section here? "This section is for discussion about CRaidController. Please use the appropriate tab for support!" But there is no support section at all.
  8. So, there are only errors in the log but the plugin does work, right?
  9. I just bought and put this on my server yesterday. Is it not working anymore due to the new update?
  10. I need one of these plugins that defines raid times by real time.
  11. Ok. How do I use a hex colour code like this one there to make this line appear in a different colour? #c73d1f
  12. Kleementin

    Exclude tags

    What I just wrote was rubbish cause it has nothing to do with what I mentioned originally. Sorry for that. It's late. So, what I need is an option to turn off a tag so that is not being shown when the player who is ranking no. 1 in that case writes something in the chat.
  13. How can I change the colour of those "... has taken the title ..." messages? Seems it's not in the config.
  14. Kleementin

    Exclude tags

    Think it is really necessary that one can exclude some tags. https://i.imgur.com/0Q3P9uO.jpg

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