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In search of a developer who would be willing to create an extensive Group Limits plugin.


These Functions Need to be Limited to Clanmates & Group Members Only!

  • Trade
  • Private Messages
  • NTeleportation
  • Cupboard Authorization
  • Bed & Sleeping Bag Distribution
  • Turret Authorization
  • Code Lock Allowances
  • The plugin must recognize the leaving of a clan member from the clan and cease all abilities to do the above with previous clan.

If anyone is interested in taking on the task, please feel free to let me know! I feel like it could be extremely beneficial to many servers struggling to keep groups contained. Also, if anyone else might have features they'd like to see added to this list, please comment! 🙂

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I'm looking for something like this with a strong logging component. Have the ability to optionally limit each of these items, but absolutely log the process.

Would love to see discord alerts on violation.

I would be willing to split the cost with you @xMajor and @Shark.



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Update: I believe I've found a developer for the project. The issue we're running into right now is that a few of the above listed plugins do not support clans, so they would need a line or two of code implemented to work for this sole project. Developer mentioned that we would need to continue to add that specific line of code to each of the plugins in order for his to work, until the actual developers of the plugins implement it themselves.

I have forwarded requests on NTeleportation and PrivateMessages for supporting Clans in the meantime. If any progress is made there I will let you guys know.

He's going to be having me test out a prototype in the next week or so. Should it perform optimally I will send those of you who are interested his contact information and a price.

Update 2: He may have found a way to block use of those commands without edits to the other plugins. More updates to come!

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@xMajorSavage and @Bumfuzzler

The plugin can be purchased from Trey on Discord. It'll even log the attempts to Discord for you! His Discord Name is: Trey#8331


Just ask him for the ClanLimits plugin. It's a name your own price. I believe I paid $30 for it. And you can add your own commands, it's not just limited to trade, pm, etc. It's limited to whatever you'd like it to be! Really awesome plugin, no dependencies.

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