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  1. I'm looking for some help on a private game mode I'd like to launch. I'm hoping to find eager individuals who would like to be a part of what will hopefully be the next successful "non-rust" rust server. This is a private project so I will send details via PM to those interested. I'm hoping to have this ready for launch in around 2 months, but with that being said, it may change based on what everyone can do and that is okay! I'd rather take the time to get it right the first time than not at all. We are in need of the following: Experienced Map Maker(s) Experienced Prefa
  2. Shark-A-Holic


    The auto smelt pickup if active reduces how many berries you pick and you get no seeds. Any ideas? Looks like it doesn't support z-levels either, that's odd.
    Steen's a GOD! This plugin is incredible. It has all the perks of easy transportation with the proper restrictions to keep it in line and fair. Thanks for the wonderful work!
  3. I'm looking for a developer who may be able to take on the task of creating a plugin that allows me to modify tea times and the boost amounts. It would need to have permissions as I do intend to use this as a gain for playing longer on the server. Willing to pay, just let me know! Config Idea: rustteaextended.vip: { Tea Duration (in Minutes): 60.0, Tea Boost Amount: 2.0 },
  4. Hi Rush, I might actually be able to help here! I create monuments and prefabs, and I'm also a graphic designer. If you're interested, feel free to reach out to me on Discord and I can kind of give you some ideas and mock ups. I recently did some artwork for the CrazyTrain.gg community with the same type of subject. I'll send you my discord tag in IM!
    Steen is a GOD. If you want to theme your NPCs, customize their loot, and do it in a super simple fashion? This is it. You will not be disappointed.
  5. I'm looking for a developer who may be interested in taking on the task of creating a plugin that can blacklist whole item categories, but also has a spot of excluding certain items out of said categories. I'm willing to pay for the project as well. I need it completed rather quickly. Example: bb.category Electrical <-- This command would blacklist all items from the Electrical Category from being in the loot tables. bb.exclude Electric.Igniter <-- This would exclude the only Igniter from being blacklisted. bb.item explosive.timed <-- This would exclude only Timed
    Super unique geography layout. Lots of great custom monuments. Love it! Excited to use it this upcoming wipe
  6. Lol! I actually asked them last year about adding sleds and didn't receive a response. I'm glad they added them!
  7. I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in taking on the daunting feat of creating a 5000 or 6000-sized map. It would be for a PVE server where players have the ability to build endlessly into the sky as we don't have stability enabled. Looking for it to have a decent amount of land and space for players to build as well, seeing as we have between 600 and 1000 players on each wipe, with an average of 30-50 on throughout the day. I do have a few custom prefabs I've made that I'd be happy to pass along for you to use in it! But I'm entirely open to your creations as well. This map would
  8. Lol! Well by all means, if you need another version with less clutter, I'd be more than happy to send you one Or if you have any recommendations for the public release that you think would benefit others! Let me know! I really appreciate your support, and I'll be keeping an eye out on you too
  9. Version 1.1.0


    The Hangar Outpost is a perfectly sized custom monument made for PVP and a quick loot run. Containing various levels of loot from barrels to two green crates, players will have the chance at great reward given they're daring enough to take the risk. Equipped with a climbable silo, various hiding spots, and blind firing crooks/crannies. 223 Prefabs Radiated Power Substation Recycler Hobo Barrel Various Loot Including: Green Keycard Normal Crate Food Crate Basic Crate Normal Green Crates Breaka
  10. Hey quick question, what size is this map? Doesn't say in the description. Thanks in advance!
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