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  1. Hey quick question, what size is this map? Doesn't say in the description. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey quick question, what size is this map? Doesn't say in the description. Thanks in advance!
    Super awesome plugin with a very easy configuration process. Players absolute love it. This is a must have if you're going to run a modded server!
  3. Feature Request: Add searchlight to front of minicopter: true/false, Toggle Key for searchlight: FLASHLIGHT (or whatnot), Add turret to minicopter: true/false, Activate turret fire: ButtonHere Just an idea maybe! Not a huge rush, but someone brought up how much they'd like a spotlight/searchlight on their mini, so thought I'd swing by with it.
  4. Plugin Overview MapTeleport is (in theory) a plugin that allows players to right-click anywhere on the map and teleport, but also allows Server Owners to set specific limitations to prevent exploits/abuse of such a powerful tool. Functionality - Command to disable the right-click marker from teleporting you. - Prevent players from teleporting onto Oil Rigs, Monuments, and Cargo (Options in Config Possibly). Perhaps prohibit teleporting into the ocean as a whole? - Cooldown Configuration between each teleport. - Not usable into or out of building block.
  5. Also, the discord he uses is: https://discord.gg/WwBtJ8Z
  6. @xMajorSavage and @Bumfuzzler The plugin can be purchased from Trey on Discord. It'll even log the attempts to Discord for you! His Discord Name is: Trey#8331 Just ask him for the ClanLimits plugin. It's a name your own price. I believe I paid $30 for it. And you can add your own commands, it's not just limited to trade, pm, etc. It's limited to whatever you'd like it to be! Really awesome plugin, no dependencies.
  7. Update: I believe I've found a developer for the project. The issue we're running into right now is that a few of the above listed plugins do not support clans, so they would need a line or two of code implemented to work for this sole project. Developer mentioned that we would need to continue to add that specific line of code to each of the plugins in order for his to work, until the actual developers of the plugins implement it themselves. I have forwarded requests on NTeleportation and PrivateMessages for supporting Clans in the meantime. If any progress is made there I will let you g
  8. Version 1.1.0


    Luminescent Woods An overgrown mythical forest, illuminated by crystals, yet darkened by the thick fog. Scour an old cave, defend yourself against Scientists, and explore every crevice of the woods for a plethora of loot. Prefab Notes: 138 Entities 3 NPC Spawners Old Cave 3 Junkpiles 1 Green Crate 1 Elite Crate 2 Normal Crates 1 Basic Crate
  9. Hey guys, I'm looking for a personalized patrol heli battle plugin. The requirements can be found below! Plugin Requirements: Helicopters must only aggro the caller, their team, and their clanmates. Loot must also lock to these categories. Damage can only be done by those who fall into the above categories. Allowance for multiple tiers of helicopters, ranging in difficulty. Health, Damage, Rockets per Round, etc. Allow us to set how many crates drop from each. Maybe loot tables? Would need to not cause conflict wit
    This plugin adds just enough challenge to your average bradley fight and is a HUGE hit on our PVE Server! Thank you so much!
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