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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a developer who is responsible, trustworthy, professional, and punctual. They must speak English well, be a solid communicator, have the ability to flesh out ideas through discussion, and understand the word proprietary. Time wasters and promisers need not apply. I strive to meet those same standards, but I simply don't code well, which is why I'm looking for a developer! From me you can expect thoroughly written out specifications that are clear and thought out. I am fair, respect your time and expertise and am prepared to pay you for that expertise. I
  2. Thanks for the response. I set it to go under the nav and it's slightly better.
  3. I saw this in another post Is it actually based on the person's resolution? If that's the case I guess the image must be the highest possible resolution? If so, I'm worried about loading issues.
  4. I'm having issues with my image being stretched too much. I'm using 1920x1080, but it seems to be zooming in and stretching it. What's the best resolution to use with this plugin?
  5. This was my first hurdle as well. I was hoping to change it so that the menu isn't full screen. because I was using another plugin and already had images that I worked hard on I'm concerned what it will look like on other people's screens. I'll have to make my images extremely large to ensure it's not stretched on someone else's screen.
  6. Does the plugin have the ability to place the countdown timer somewhere else in the UI? Also, at the time when the server is planning to restart (during the countdown), will the player told they will receive a reward if they rejoin within 'x' minutes of the restart?
  7. Is this only for beds or does it include all items that allow you to spawn? like sleeping bags?
  8. Yeah I get the warranty analogy, but with Facepunch releasing patches that break things on a regular basis it's sort of like Bose sending over a representative coming to my house with a hammer to smash my stereo system every other month lol Thanks. Happy New Year
  9. Also how does this pricing work? Is it $25 or $2 every 6 months? I will absolutely consider purchase when you add this latest feature if I'm correct on the pricing above.
  10. Thanks! Again, love the convenience. Not sure why Facepunch doesn't implement something like this. Couple things I noticed: It appears length of names could be extended. I'm finding the names are only showing clan tags. For instance, I'm seeing [OPSEC] and [Nobody] , but no names to the right. I have limittofriends and usefriends enabled in the config. Despite having two way friendship, I don't see names when I click select. I am using the following version [Info("Friends", "Wulf", "3.1.2")] https://umod.org/plugins/friends If I add a friend, they get added to m
  11. Awesome. I think that would encourage people to join back immediately after the restart to keep population up.
  12. Bumfuzzler


    Check this out. This is the only thing I know of that results in NPCs not moving. If your navmesh setting in config or command line match as they talk about there, I assume it's that. https://oxidemod.org/threads/turning-on-off-navmesh.26679/
  13. Bumfuzzler


    I don't have that issue. The only time I ever saw this happen was related to navmesh stuff.
  14. You mentioned "if he doesn't within the next restart, he will lose it." So it's only until the next restart happens? Would you consider adding something that requires them to join with 'x' time of the next restart?
  15. Bumfuzzler

    The Button

    Are you suggesting no matter what coordinates I put in that it will differ from resolution/computer to computer?
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