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Paying $50 USD for a working and accurate version of GRT (Grid Reference Teleport)


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GRTeleport¬†is no longer maintained.¬† The version I have runs but the locations are totally wrong.¬† I think I had a version someone fixed but accidentally updated and lost it. ūüėě

I am willing to pay $50 USD to whomever fixed it or replaces it with a similar plugin.  It is very useful and missed by admins and players.  A replacement would be even better, then you avoid any issues with the original author getting cranky, but I am not fussy here since my server is non-profit.


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Since the original file is unlicensed, I'm unable to send an edited version. However, I can share a snippet of code shared by MJSU sometime ago. It's not tested, so I'm unsure if this makes it any better. The real issue is how the zoom level of maps fluctuates, so accurately calculating grids is a bit touchy now of days.

private string GetGridPosition(Vector3 pos)
    const float gridCellSize = 146.3f;

    int maxGridSize = Mathf.FloorToInt(World.Size / gridCellSize) - 1;
    float halfWorldSize = World.Size / 2f;
    int xGrid = Mathf.Clamp(Mathf.FloorToInt((pos.x + halfWorldSize) / gridCellSize),0, maxGridSize);
    int zGrid = Mathf.Clamp(maxGridSize - Mathf.FloorToInt((pos.z + halfWorldSize) / gridCellSize),0, maxGridSize);
    string extraA = xGrid > 26 ? $"{(char) ('A' + (xGrid / 26 - 1))}" : string.Empty;
    return $"{extraA}{(char) ('A' + xGrid % 26)}{zGrid.ToString()}";


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