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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I'm looking for a custom site for Server Vote for Ember.
  2. currently got one for sedans but its buggy and also unrealistic because of no fuel. idm how the lights are spawned or if you want to spawn the pd car with a command.
  3. anyone know if their is a handcuff plugin already made, would be pretty cool to find one or get one made
  4. Hanumann


    Found a developer - thanks!
  5. GRTeleport is no longer maintained. The version I have runs but the locations are totally wrong. I think I had a version someone fixed but accidentally updated and lost it. I am willing to pay $50 USD to whomever fixed it or replaces it with a similar plugin. It is very useful and missed by admins and players. A replacement would be even better, then you avoid any issues with the original author getting cranky, but I am not fussy here since my server is non-profit. Thanks!
  6. I'm looking for a plugin that gives a player a ticket for a certain amount of playtime. Then use that ticket and do a giveaway. It would need to store the number of tickets a player has acquired and give them a more chance at winning. The file needs to hold steam ID and ticket count of player. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I'm looking for someone to create a paid plugin for me. It would need to give a player a ticket each (x) amount of hours and store a file on the server (preferably json format)with the players ticket count and SteamID. The plugin would then need to be able to execute the "giveaway". Meaning: automatically pick a winner based on the information in the file once ran by an Admin. The more tickets = means more entries the player gets. Thanks in advance! _Hecknn
  8. Looking for a developer who wants to take on the task of creating a silly plugin! We need some sleds in this game! Pretty simple in concept, I believe. But I'd like for players to be able to spawn in a sled to use on hills/terrain! Could use a boat, could be a custom rug, or some sort of contraption. It just sounds like it could be a fun plugin for players to use and enjoy!
  9. DeX

    Bradley Cooldown

    [Bradley Cooldown] A way to put a cooldown on the bradley APC to prevent the same player/team/clan always "hogging" it before anyone else can. So others can have a chance to do it too. [For PVE Server]
  10. Hey guys, I'm looking for a personalized patrol heli battle plugin. The requirements can be found below! Plugin Requirements: Helicopters must only aggro the caller, their team, and their clanmates. Loot must also lock to these categories. Damage can only be done by those who fall into the above categories. Allowance for multiple tiers of helicopters, ranging in difficulty. Health, Damage, Rockets per Round, etc. Allow us to set how many crates drop from each. Maybe loot tables? Would need to not cause conflict with AlphaLoot or BetterLoot. Helicopter would need to fly around the callers and stay there until it's dead OR if a set timer runs out (as in they didn't kill it before X amount of minutes). Has a console command such as callhelitier 1 $player.id so that it can be used with economic shops such as ServerRewards or GUIShop. Limit of how many can be spawned at a time, per team/clan. Allow one or multiple of these tiers to be used as the timed standard heli spawns around the map. Bonus: Ability to change frequency of Helicopter Spawn naturally on the map!
  11. Plugin Overview MapTeleport is (in theory) a plugin that allows players to right-click anywhere on the map and teleport, but also allows Server Owners to set specific limitations to prevent exploits/abuse of such a powerful tool. Functionality - Command to disable the right-click marker from teleporting you. - Prevent players from teleporting onto Oil Rigs, Monuments, and Cargo (Options in Config Possibly). Perhaps prohibit teleporting into the ocean as a whole? - Cooldown Configuration between each teleport. - Not usable into or out of building block. - Places you on the terrain itself. This may prove to be problematic however if they teleport towards the ocean (see 2nd Line under Functionality). Permissions mapteleport.use - Allows players to use the mapteleport command to enable or disable right-click teleporting. (/mt) mapteleport.nocooldown - Excludes players from the cooldown between teleports.
  12. SSRefuser


    Hello! I am looking for a plugin that does the following: Whenever you have both, a wooden spear and a beancan grenade in your hotbar and type a command, you get a "Thunderpoon" Whenever you throw this spear, it explodes on the place where it lands Is this easy to make or is something like this already existing?
  13. In search of a plugin that automatically generates Monument Warps on Wipe/Map Change, and/or on Fresh Install. This could benefit many server owners whom don't always have time to log in on wipe and set things up! I'd be willing to pay for the production of said plugin, but would also really like to see this become a public plugin too, for those who also might need it! Key Points Should include all static monuments Ability to enable/disable certain monuments via config Compound/Bandit optional 3-4 Different Spawn Points per Monument to reduce Warp Camping possibilities. Independent of ZoneManager (hopefully? I'd rather not use this plugin as it's a resource hog.) Thanks in Advance!
  14. Looking for someone to make a plugin for players to be able to have sentry turrets w/wo the use of power (sold in-game store) with these options: 1 - Can get damage: true/false 2 - Required power: 0 - 100 3 - Authorize tc members true/false 4 - Range: if possible 5 - Health: 6 - Aim cone: if possible I already have a plugin like this but the support is unreliable and non-existent. So looking for an alternative options here... Maybe someone who can either fix my current plugin or make one completely from scratch! I can pay for both alternatives!
  15. Would like to create a plugin (or use an existing one) that gives a certain oxide group all electrical bps (minus autoturret) and all fun/deployable bps! Msg me on discord @ MrWobbles#8311
  16. I'm wondering if any skilled devs we've got on board here would like to consider producing a SmeltOnGather plugin? How it Works: - On pickup, mining, or chopping of trees, produce the smelted version of whatever item may stem from that resource. i.e. Metal Frags instead of Metal ore, Charcoal instead of Wood (with a toggle option please?), HQM and Sulfur instead of Ore. Would be pretty awesome!
  17. Tanki

    Crate locker

    Hello, What I would like: Allow the loot only to the one who unlocked it (include friend, clan and team) and print to admin (chat if online, if not online print a message to discord). if it would be possible to assign permissions for hackablelockedcrate.requiredhackseconds in order to reduce the time to unlock the cash while avoiding a possible conflict between permissions (I don't know if this is clear with the translation by google ^^) . Example: regular member => 750 sec elite member => 450 sec legend member => 350 sec VIP member => 120 sec If a member has several permissions, the highest must be chosen by the plugin. Example: I have all of the above permissions so when I unlock the crate, I should wait 120 sec a price cheap or free would be great... Thanks very much


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