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Alter Ego

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  1. will you add subways to your small launch site maps?
  2. Alter Ego

    Simple KDR UI

    does this use own data/count? if so, could you make it possible to reset the kdr counter?
  3. maybe you updated and haven´t seen config/data changed
  4. got a idea (just cause i would need it that way) please add a different option. like a hide button, that switches to "show" button and let all other set buttons disappear. i would love to buy this, but i dont want to spam player screens permanently with command buttons, but want to offer a way to easy-use them. the thin buttons are perfect for it.
  5. when you´re interested, i am looking for something like this too (we could share the costs) cheers!
  6. Alter Ego


    solved - ty
  7. i purchased this private, before released here and dez helped me out and updated the plugin after reports. give him a chance. i dont use it anymore but the plugin was a nice event for pvp on my server
  8. don´t take it too serious, it was easy to edit but as long as you dont choose a bed as steam avatar its better to change i will test it again, thanks a lot!
  9. well, i love you crow, very very much. but i dont want to see your avatar everytime a player places a bed or sleeping bag, so i needed to edit your steam avatar and the plugin prefix at first (pls add them to config/lang) this is great - but while testing, the plugin stopped counting after 2 placed sleepingsbags and repeats the count of 18 left (i set 20 bags per player) after every new deployed bag. Then, minutes later it shows me now i have 3 left, but i can spam the map with new bags (message 3 bags left repeats) what am i doing wrong?
    honestly, its a struggle to edit. But i really like the appearance and david is a very responsive and friendly person who solved all issues very fast. pretty sure i will see this ui on multiple servers soon
  10. Alter Ego


    Found a developer - thanks!
  11. Sorry - a real late reply. i disabled the stats for a while and we went into some other issues. i use them now for 3 days again and it seems like all is going fine - thanks for this awesome plugin!
  12. Alter Ego


    its the same / or newer version i installed this over my older umod version without any problem.
  13. yes i understood, just forgot the sentence its not possible rn and this is how i fixed it. the loot was way too much

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