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  1. Alter Ego


    i would also love to have a version that allows multiple permissions (cooldowns)
  2. i agree i would also like to have the max scrap amount in rankings
  3. ok, @LosGranadaignores me at discord and doesn´t seem like to he want to share his work. his choice. is there anybody that can solve this for me? $$$.
  4. just make a <color=XXXXXX> // </color> to title start and title end
  5. check for "titles" in config file, there you can edit them
  6. i will dm you on discord later, won´t list it in public - no worries.
  7. got still the same problem. when i start the game and join server, the message doesn´t appear. when i rejoin my server (not closing game in between) it appears.
  8. does it work with ServerRewards, Economics? (there is no info) where do i set the amount of compensation? (config doesn´t show it) And only as a query, please don't get me wrong. You ask for a renewal price, but you haven't worked on things for 5 months that you wanted to implement? I do not understand. Last update was just a fix. I am really interested in this plugin. edit: also, if possible - please show the restart bar (i can´t see any image)
    awesome addition for my ember site
  9. I would like to ask if anyone is able to develop a plugin, if possible with a UI, with which it is possible to use ServerRewards as a bet, both for poker, slotmachines and wheel of fortune. I'm not sure if something like that is possible, because I don't want to have a scrap / SR conversion. Also, i don´t want to edit those games every wipe, it should be auto-added when plugin is running or map wiped. But at least at the single player slotmachine a switch to ServerRewards should be possible? If so, write to me!

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