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Crate locker


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What I would like:

Allow the loot only to the one who unlocked it (include friend, clan and team) and print to admin (chat if online, if not online print a message to discord).

if it would be possible to assign permissions for hackablelockedcrate.requiredhackseconds in order to reduce the time to unlock the cash while avoiding a possible conflict between permissions (I don't know if this is clear with the translation by google ^^) .

regular member => 750 sec
elite member => 450 sec
legend member => 350 sec
VIP member => 120 sec

If a member has several permissions, the highest must be chosen by the plugin.

Example: I have all of the above permissions so when I unlock the crate, I should wait 120 sec

a price cheap or free would be great...

Thanks very much

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