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New redesign, file sale option and custom commission feature added

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We've released a significant face-lift on the front end and performance and security changes to the back-end. If you encounter any bugs or things out of place, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

File Sale Option
File authors can now create sales for their files via the edit details menu. There you will be able to set the sale amount and the length of the sale. A notification is sent to all users who follow the file as well as an adjusted sale price everywhere the file is displayed.

Custom Commission Option
File authors now also have the option to adjust how much commission is collected from the site. Useful for authors looking to throw more support our way <3. Commission defaults to 10% (Our current commission rate) and can be adjusted all the way to 100%. Leave blank for default.

Other Changes

  • Download logs are now accessible by clicking the number under the icon displayed on the file's overview.
  • We've added total purchases to the file's overview if the file is paid that is only visible to the author, and permitted users (mods.)
  • We've removed the customers' button and made it accessible by clicking the number under the icon displayed on the file's overview.
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