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HeavyScientist conflicts with paratroopers

Closed 1.0.1




We found out if we use your NPCkits plugin and Paratroopers plugin together there is the following problem. I have to give kits in paratroopers, these always had the kit from the HeavyScientist that I assigned to your plugin. The kits in Paratroopers Plugin only work if I don't assign the HeavyScientist a kit and leave them to standart.


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NPCKits provides OnNpcKits(ulong) so that other plugins can override for their npcs.
Pinging @FastBurst so he knows the option is there.


object OnNpcKits(ulong ID)
    if (YourRecordOfNPCIDs.Contains(ID))
        return true;
    return null;


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Question is:  WHERE does Paratroopers come from??  What author is the actual owner of it?   On UMod it is unavailable and broken but I cannot find it elsewhere by internet search. 

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