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  1. Yes that's it. when I'm in an official puzzle, the door is the other way around and someone outside says that I need a card. with you it is said inside that I need a card
  2. and the Bandit Cave green door
  3. the first entrance blue and the red room Doors
  4. snetzer

    weapon full repair bug

    Hello when i have a broken weapon and fix it, there is usually a red bar that i cannot fix it completely. if i save this weapon in the hotbar and slide it back into my bar, i can completely repair this weapon until it is fully functional again best regards
  5. I now check all the doors again and get in touch again
  6. Hello, is it wanted that the card reader doors are installed the wrong way round in the infected dock? you can get in without a card but get out with a card. Best Regards
  7. snetzer

    skin not load

    hello the glove skin does not load. it is permanently the blue exchange circle
  8. snetzer

    2 more Buttons

    Hello I would need 2 more buttons, i.e. 10 buttons. is that possible? best Regards
  9. snetzer

    switch off menu manually

    Hello is there a way to keep the menu on until you turn it off manually. if I want to craft more than 1 item, but then I have to reopen the menu each time. best regards
  10. snetzer

    skill plants category

    Hello is it possible to create another skill category for plants? So berries, mushrooms, potatoes, pumpkins and corn. best regards
  11. snetzer

    still no profit

    ah now it works, thanks for the quick help, that's great. best regards
  12. snetzer

    still no profit

    i deleted all data from the old version and installed the new version. my bet item is paper, but i still don't get any winnings paid out at the slot machines. And if I delete the plugin from my server, it still takes paper as a bet
  13. snetzer


    Hello is it possible to set the fuel display to four digits? best regards

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