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  1. We've had issues like this a few times in different areas. Wether or not Facepunch fix it probably depends on whether or not they intend to let npcs roam in these areas. If they don't intend to then there's no problem - Not in vanilla game, anyway.
  2. Thanks for reporting. It's just a quirk when all players have score 0. It's addressed in an upcoming update.
  3. That's a feature in BotSpawn. You can disable it with "PeaceKeeper": false, per profile.
  4. Ah, ok. I wasn't aware that item name could be set but since it can clearly be done I don't see why I couldn't add it. I'll keep it in mind. Thanks!
  5. Hey. Skins is already there. It's a list, though, so you can add multiple to have one chosen randomly, but you could still just have one there. Name...I'm not sure. Is that a thing?
  6. Hey, That's something I get asked quite a lot. To be honest it would probably take a bit of a rewrite so it's not something I'm considering right now. Not ruling it out but it's not something I'd be checking back weekly for. Sorry.
  7. Hi, Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I'm not aware of issues right now so I guess this is an obscure one - Maybe something to do with a specific character in some clan name? If it's a persistent issue would you mind sending me a copy of your /data/PlayerRanks.json privately? Thanks.
  8. HI Aislinn. It's the # player per category only. When you lose #1 spot you also lose your title.
  9. Steenamaroo

    Bradley Loot Stopped Working

    Hi Jaws, I haven't checked with BradleyGuards plugin but I'm pretty sure it doesn't change anything relevant except the number of crates to spawn. Just tested killing a regular Bradley on my test server and it worked fine. I guess double check the loottable you're using for bradley_crate in CustomLoot, and make certain at least one category, and item in that category has probability greater than one. If that checks out, make sure there's no other loot plugin that might be filling bradley crates, overriding CustomLoot?
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Fixes recent issue where spawned Cargo Planes prevent automatic server saving. No config or settings - Just install.
  11. Steenamaroo

    skins persisting

    Totally responded.
  12. If any other plugin is loaded PermissionsManager will reload, to list perms for the new plugin, and, as such, your UI will be closed. Maybe that's what's happening?
  13. Hi, Sounds like it's working fine. It'll will show the min/max condition option for any items which have a condition scale. Whether it actually makes sense to adjust condition for any given item is a different story, but if there's a visible scale there CustomLoot will give you the options. I'd recommend blanket setting everything to min 100/max 100, then tweaking the specific items that you want to set specific, or random in range, conditions for.
  14. Steenamaroo

    Failed to compile

    Sorted, thank you.
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