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  1. Steenamaroo

    CustomLoot not working

    Your images don't seem to be working but just to clarify, BotSpawn isn't looking for a loottable/data file name. It's looking for the name of a profile from CustomLoot.json. That profile points to a loottable/datafile. That means you can choose to use an existing profile...one of the existing npc types or container types, or just enter in some new name which would give you a new custom profile in CustomLoot.json, under the heading "API". You'd then have to point that at a loottable.data file.
  2. Steenamaroo

    CustomLoot not working

    You have to specify a profile name from CustomLoot.json, not a loot table name. If the name you specify doesn't exist BotSpawn/CustomLoot will create it in CustomLoot.json under the 'API' heading, so you could go and find that new entry and set the loot table name there to botconclave.
  3. Steenamaroo

    Autowipes for SQL

    That's how it works. These additional Leaderboard snapshots are totally optional. You have to manually create/save them one by one, by clicking in UI, and manually delete them by clicking wipe in the UI. They serve no in-game purpose and are only there for people who might want a snap shot of the leader for each category at a specific time, like at the end of an event for example. The main ranks table is the one that constantly accumulates stats and is viewable in-game and, with the settings you have above, should automatically wipe when you first load a new map. If you're using SQ
  4. Steenamaroo


    Custom profile main locations will automatically move, which is useful for randomly spawning npcs, but custom spawn points for a profile will not. It's something I'm thinking about adding in.
  5. Steenamaroo

    Need help

    Hi. Have a look here then let me know how you get on. https://codefling.com/files/support/121-i-cant-get-this-plugin-to-work-p/
  6. Steenamaroo

    Autowipes for SQL

    There's no switch - The SQL save option is a parallel save to allow people to web publish etc. The default data file is always there, though, and is always the source of data. If you were to drop SQL table then save PlayerRanks it would immediately repopulate. If you wiped your data file and saved you'd have no data.
  7. Think this is what you're looking for.
  8. Steenamaroo

    Autowipes for SQL

    Only the main data table. Leaderboard snapshots are never wiped by the plugin unless you click the 'Wipe Leaderboards' button in UI.
  9. true should have a lower case t.
  10. Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  11. Leave it with me. I think the bandits have their own unique prefab so I'll see if there are any others and do an update soon.
  12. FP haven't made it easy to identify all the npcs types by type like this. Some have a class unique to them, some have a prefab unique to them, some have flags identifying them, and some have nothing. Bandit, Military Tunnel, Compound and Junkpile are all identified in such a way that only Rust spawned populations will be picked up.
  13. No, I'm saying that spawning them in isn't going to work as a test because the profiles only acts on the ones that Rust spawns in.
  14. Well, that makes sense. The Scientist profile catches anything that doesn't fit another category so that's console or plugin spawned npcs. All other profiles are there to kit out Rust default populations. You'd need to actually go to the bandit camp and look at one of the ones Rust put there.
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