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Coca Leaves & Savila Hemp

Closed 1.4.5

Use https://umod.org/plugins/extra-gather-bonuses
Add them to drop from whatever you want and make sure the skins match the Recipes and Custom_Names(ingredients)

Also, while I'm here @David
Would you be willing to pick up and maintain this plugin or create something similar to it?
It's currently abandoned.
We have to edit the plugin ourselves in order for items to drop from planter boxes and it throws constant errors in console.

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While the plugin you need to use is buggy, it does work.
It's just going to occasionally spam your console with errors.
Depending on your setup you can mute the errors through the RCON app.
There's also a umod plugin that lets you mute console messages but I can't remember the name right now.
I'll post here again if I can find it.

As far as fixing it to work with planted crops


On line 37 of the ExtraGatherBonuses.cs file (not the config file, the plugin file) Change this line:

private void OnCropGather(GrowableEntity plant, Item item, BasePlayer player)

To This:

private void OnGrowableGathered(GrowableEntity plant, Item item, BasePlayer player)

I don't know if that's the most efficient code. But it works. Someone in the help section posted this.

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Yes, I understand I will add these items with the extra gather plugin, however, I'm talking about the actual item. Coca Leaves, Svaila Hemp. 

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