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permissions missing after wiping server

Pending 2.0.4

i could be wrong  but  past 2 wipes im having issues  that when the server gets wiped  it loses some of the permissions given so i have to give the perms again 

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That sounds right.

Permissions manager doesn’t save anything - it’s just a ui for the existing oxide permissions system. 

If you want it to be persistent across wipes you’d need to backup the file that stores oxide’s permissions. 
@Death @MikeHawke

You know which file that is?

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Permission file is in the data folder... there should be a few oxde.users, oxide.groups etc.. as long as those are left alone they should remain fine..
Another thing is if you have a rewards system (Discord Rewards, boost bot etc etc) deleting its data files may be removing perks from the player.
Something to take into consideration when wiping.

As for the trapping in the UI... have you updated any other plugins during the wipe?

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@ZachDLC- Doesn't sound like the same issue.
I've just updated and have no problems with UI loading/sticking.

Can you make sure you're on the latest version of PermissionsManager and, if so, remove your /config/PermissionsManager.json then reload the plugin?

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@Mighty Mike- If backup/restore is still something you're interested in, I've added a data management menu to Permissions Manager now.
It's not public yet but if you'd be interested in testing please give me a shout.

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