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  1. This video is also private... whaa whaaaaaa
  2. MikeHawke

    Overgrown - WIP

    This video is private... whaaaa whhaaaa
  3. There is a plugin available on uMod to scale car damage called: Car Collision Damage Scaler
  4. Update has been pushed 0.2.8 hopefully this will solve any issues.
  5. MikeHawke


    Yeah its because the new helis spawn with 20% of your stack size of lowgrade.... Stupid decision on FP's side but meh.. Glad its helping!
  6. MikeHawke


    No sorry, Unless the developer personally has one, then you would see a Contribute button on the plugin page.
  7. MikeHawke


    sounds like the plugin didnt download correctly.. Join the Developers Discord discord.gg/aTGCpXU we'll get you up and running in no time. Also this should be in the support tab.. then we get notified and can deal with the issue a lot quicker
  8. MikeHawke


    Version 1.0.1


    Rusty Bangers is a UI for Vehicle Licence. Dependency Vehicle Licence Command /rusty << opens the UI NEW UPDATE... MOD CARS AND CHASSIS ADDED... CLICK THE STAR FOR PAGE 2 Configuration { "Vehicle Licence Spawn Command": "Spawn", "Vehicle Licence Buy Command": "Buy", "Vehicle Licence Kill Command": "kill", "Vehicle Licence Recall Command": "recall" } Set your config Variables to the same details displayed in your Vehicle Licence Config Video


  9. MikeHawke


    Version 1.0.3


    Nice and Simple.. Clears the fuel tank on Minicopter and Scrap Transport Heli spawns and replaces it with the amount set in the config. No need to change your stack size to counteract the new air wolf fuel give away. Load this, set the amount and be happy Configuration { "Amount of fuel to spawn with MiniCopters": 100, "Amount of fuel to spawn with Scrap Helicopters": 100 } No Perms No Commands Just Load, Set, Reload!


  10. What completely no damage? as In nothing... natta.. zilch? With a permission? or toggle?
  11. Having a hard time recreating the error... Was there anything in particular that was happening when the error came up?
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    Used for many many many many many many years... never fails me
  13. MikeHawke

    BotSpawn update?

    yes 2.0.9 is todays update
  14. Changed Status from Work in Progress to Can't Reproduce
  15. I've added you on discord.. we can continue there once you accept my request... Starting point would of disabled on update as it changed a config value.. As for wipestart. It is a console command but will only reply in rcon not the F1 console. Config looks fine.. I'm going to close this ticket as cannot reproduce.. because.. well I cant and I get pinged twice a day about it. But I'm going to sort this with you via discord.. I'll make a test version for you and we can bug this out together. So I will see you over there!