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  1. MikeHawke


    Changed Status from Pending to Closed Changed Fixed In to 1.0.6
  2. MikeHawke


    hopefully sorted.. can you try 1.0.6 for me and reopen this if the problem isnt sorted
  3. MikeHawke


    bottom.... okay.. let me try my version out a bit more and i'll push it tomorrow (11:30pm at the mo)
  4. MikeHawke


    Its hard to reproduce.. have a feeling that it was some timing issue.. something not firing off correctly.. was this around boot? Have a possible fix that I'm testing my end before posting anyway.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    RustyBan is a simple no hassle Community Ban system. RustyBanLite will search our database whenever a player connects, If they have been banned off one of our partnered servers it will prevent entry to the player. No configuration, No messing about, Just drop the plugin in and start your protection today. Our database of cheaters and troublemakers is growing daily... Don't get caught with your pants down! For more information on the Project and to learn about becoming a Partnered server come see us at http://www.RustyBan.com
  6. https://discord.gg/FbC36Ta Click that to join codeflings discord and I'll catch you there
  7. You click share link.. then it should change to copy link... Which then shows the link at the bottom of the page.. Are you on discord at all?
  8. feel free to bug me if you need anything else
  9. bit of a silent movie.... I hope... otherwise its the wife in the background bipping shit but.. the process you'll see 1. Upload to to drop box, 2. create and copy link, 3. change dl=0 to dl=1, 4. go to GD and click config files, and edit start.bat, 5. in custom command add +levelurl "Dropboxlinkwithdl=1" 6. save and start server etc etc.... i pressed cancel because.... its not my server
  10. Fantastic.. if you can wait a little bit.. got school run to do.. but I'll make a vid to show you how..
  11. Start at the begining... Who are you hosting with?
  12. MikeHawke

    The Button

    I will have a look, but in future could you please post support queries in the support tab otherwise we don't get a ping to inform us that there is an issue.
  13. MikeHawke


    They should.... when you set the parent monument... thats what that bit is for... is it not working?
  14. MikeHawke

    Key binding

    yeah... Its a shame.... you can bind a key to do any command in chat or via in game console, for instance Backpacks has the command backpack.open which if you fire off in F1 console will open the backpack. You can then bind it yourself to a key with bind b backpack.open you could also use in game console to send a chat command with chat.say which again you can bind to a key bind b chat.say /backpack. Unfortunately the ability to make a plugin register a keybind was taken away from us in April 2017 because of some malicious plugins that where going around. Would of loved to force a bind to
  15. MikeHawke

    Key binding

    Changed Status from Pending to Not a Bug
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