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  1. MikeHawke


    not capital T on true
  2. No.. plugins should be .cs Internet explorer used to open it in the browser and you'd need to ctrl + s and save it as a .cs
  3. https://api.top-serveurs.net/'s api does not have a valid claim method. People voting on that site can use a nickname(default) instead of steamid which wont work for the game.. and there is no method to confirm that the vote has been claimed... meaning that a player can claim rewards over and over again within 24 hours without limitation... I can right you a fresh plugin but not adapt as i have told you before on umod in regards to EasyVote
  4. if you have any issues etc.. open a support tab or hit me up on the CF discord and we can work through it
  5. If you have installed oxide on your server. access the file system and you will see an oxide folder. Inside this folder you will have the following folders" Plugins < where you place your .cs files Data < where plugins store data Config < where the plugin saves its configuration Logs < where oxide and some plugins store logs Lang < where some plugins store their language files Placing a plugin in the plugins folder will cause oxide to compile and load the code.. this will usually populate a config file too
  6. MikeHawke

    Prices on the site?

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  7. MikeHawke

    Prices on the site?

    yeah something i plan on adding... hopefully in next version, which will be when i push the version for rust planes too
  8. MikeHawke


    it does it on PlayerEndSleeping so to be honest they should notice Adding a timer to check the vote system will produce lag so wanna stay away from that
  9. Permission file is in the data folder... there should be a few oxde.users, oxide.groups etc.. as long as those are left alone they should remain fine.. Another thing is if you have a rewards system (Discord Rewards, boost bot etc etc) deleting its data files may be removing perks from the player. Something to take into consideration when wiping. As for the trapping in the UI... have you updated any other plugins during the wipe?
  10. What do you mean by this... you download the plugin and upload it to your plugins folder
  11. It was a private UI made by Waggy.. although we think there was a clone of it on CodeXive however they are down again. https://codexive.org/threads/info-panel.16/
  12. It kind of already exists. Steamgroup on umod.. however leaving the group doesn't work on that version... I have a modified one if you want to give me a shout.
  13. MikeHawke

    The Button

    This version is just one button... will dig out the code for the double button at some point and fix it :P
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