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    Hands down one of the best plugins money can buy for your server. Not only does it give content for your low pop server, but it also allows you to create fun events for large servers. I have used this plugin to help new players learn how to raid, keep players on the server, incentive to be active so players can use server points to buy raid bases, and keep players engaged over the wipe. It seems daunting at first, but stick with it and take it slow and you'll love this plugin. Enjoy!
    Does exactly what it says it will with zero effort. Plus it works for the snow machine too! Thanks for a simple and lightweight plugin.
  1. beerock


    Future idea: randomly simulate a player losing money at bandit if no one has lost any scrap after a long time I believe this would help bring awareness to the event and reward players. The goal is to not make it an automated server event but to make it feel like actual players are losing money. Otherwise users may never go to gamble if they know it will kick in automatically. But up to the admin if they want to make this known or not. For this I'd like to be able to set: Enable the simulation: true or false Min-max time range when the simulation will start to create randomness after a drawing has completed Min-max range of scrap that is entered into the jackpot to create randomness Of course this would only follow any threshold rules so people can't exploit the system. And now you have two products in one! You've got a server mini-event, an event based on actual players, or a mix.
  2. beerock


    Hey Nubbz: played around with this tonight. Good stuff! Some suggestions that I think would help improve on a great foundation! Remove JackpotNoEntries. If no one has entered, then they don't care to know that no one entered. Only run drawings if scrap and contestant threshold is met Only allow people to enter if scrap threshold is met You could then remove JackpotNoPrize as I don't see a point to enter if it hasn't hit the threshold Once scrap threshold met, make announcement that entries are open Once contestant threshold is met, then announce the winner will be drawn in X minutes What do you do if a person who entered logs off? Include ability to show how many minutes are left until the winner is drawn for these messages: Announcement Jackpot (so if they type /jackpot they can see how long is left) JackpotEntry
  3. beerock


    Oops. Not sure how this was posted twice!
  4. beerock


    Cool, thanks! The X amount of scrap is good too. But yeah, def need a threshold of # of players to join the event (not a total that join the server as I previously stated). For example, we are a trio server, so I'd like to set it so a minimum of 4 that must opt-in to play this mini-game. Otherwise a group of 3 could exploit the F out of this for unlimited scrap! And since people go AFK, theoretically 1 person could win the scrap all the time if they are the only person that opts-in. ...it just occurred to me to. Before the game activates and asks in global chat for people to play, you should check how many people are online based on that threshold.
  5. beerock


    Is "JackpotAnnounceThreshold" = the minimum number of people online that the plugin is active or is the number who must opt-in before a winner is chosen? For example, I'd rather avoid if only 1 person is on, then theoretically they could just keep winning their loses back
  6. beerock

    Into The Boat

    Fyi that the default lowgrade fuel for both boats on the staging server, ~36 hours before release, is currently 50
  7. Is there a way to easily update a prior version of this prefab on one of my existing maps or do I just need to delete the prior version and drop the new one? Thanks!
  8. beerock


    I'd like to jump in here and give my pov after a few months of using PR. First, I think it would be a huge bonus to add tags. Second, I love PR and my users do too, but I used another plugin before PR that had titles and players would get really excited about them and I don't see the same excitement with only a leaderboard. What I've learned is its great to have the data and be able to view it, but one you do something meaningful with the data such as give someone a title to be seen in global chat and/or an announcement when someone takes the title, they get really excited and competitive. Bragging rights. (They do love PR's UI and display, and I love the easy admin UI ) Also, from an admin pov, I worry about using multiple plugins for leaderboard/title stuff like this because of multiple data sets can lead to inaccurate data, especially since I do the SQL export. What if you develop an API for PR so others could develop supporting plugins (like titles) so it's only using 1 data set?
    Yes! Now I can say my server is fully 2x compliant! Thank you for the excellent plugin!
    Love this village! My players loved it to. Adds a neat T0 type monument to help shape some lore on your map. No major issues with it! I do suggest to adjust two or so doors, when they are open, there is awkward moment you have to close or crouch jump around over next to them. It's honestly not a big deal. Regardless great work and thanks for the free monument!
  9. Ok, I just talked to another user who uses fishtraps and he understood "continuous fish trap" to mean that he doesn't have to be around the traps for it to catch fish. He really liked that idea. Regardless, updated description will help out us server admins who don't understand effing fish traps. haha. Thanks man and keep up the good work!
    I used a custom map by RobJ that included this prefab a few wipes ago. I really liked it especially with the NPCs already there. Zero technical issues with it and really love the underground tunnels, design, and features there. I also like that the tunnels have some lighting in them and not pitch black. Gave it a moody feeling. (I believe you have to turn on the 3 switches scattered up top to turn on the lights? Cool idea). I might suggest 1 or 2 more crates in the big garage might be nice, or even a food crate in the wooden office, but get it if you are trying to incite users to go underground for the better loot, which is very substantial. My players liked it but I think they didn't understand or want to bother going underground even after I made some comments about how good the loot was there. It's also possible it wasn't visited a lot due to it's location and hidden in a forest on the map so it wasn't visited as much. So I wonder if there is a way to design it to incite them to explore more. I think many just hate tunnels. So maybe clues to turn on the switches if they do indeed turn on the lights. This is a very good addition to any map!
    Such great work for a free prefab monument, thank you, Wheatley! My players really enjoyed it. I look forward to any future updates you may have for this monument. I believe I see you have some plans for it like a puzzle which would be awesome. My only issue was I had to manually alter the alpha at the top of each tunnel exit at ground level. No issue going in and out but the ground was partially covering each tunnel entrance.

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