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About EventRF

Event RF broadcasts on a separate RF frequency for different events, such as cargo ship, patrol helicopter etc.

Chat commands

/eventrf list

shows a list of events for which RF broadcasting is enabled and the frequencies on which they will be broadcast.


A configuration file will be created when first loaded with a setting to enable RF broadcasting for each type of event, and a setting to configure the RF frequency for each event.

  "Bradley APC RF enabled": true,
  "Bradley APC RF frequency": 4788,
  "Cargo plane RF enabled": true,
  "Cargo plane RF frequency": 4786,
  "Cargo ship RF enabled": true,
  "Cargo ship RF frequency": 4785,
  "CH47 helicopter RF enabled": true,
  "CH47 helicopter RF frequency": 4787,
  "Patrol helicopter RF enabled": true,
  "Patrol helicopter RF frequency": 4789

Note that the range 4760-4790 cannot be broadcast to by normal players, so using frequencies within that range is recommended.

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