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About Vehicle Lights Pack

If there's one thing Rust lacks, in my opinion, it's atmosphere with their vehicles. As is currently, vehicles serve only as mediocre decoration and maybe a platform to hold loot, they're very static feeling. I feel like the vehicles can be much more than that. The vehicles in this pack breathe new life into maps and add a dynamic atmosphere to help improve the immersion in your server.

In this pack I have included the following vehicles:

  1. Black Sedan
  2. Blue Sedan
  3. Green Sedan
  4. Red Sedan
  5. White Sedan
  6. Dump Truck Level - with two variations of lights
  7. Dump Truck Tilted - with two variations of lights
  8. Forklift
  9. Tractor
  10. Trailer Flatbed
  11. Truck and Camper
  12. Gooseneck Truck
  13. Gooseneck Truck & Trailer Combo
  14. Truck Flatbed


These vehicles are ready to go and are a great addition to any map they are used with.


A KB-Edits Collaboration.

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